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Training & Support

Ritec Services have over 40 years of experience in glass renovation, 'non-stick' protection and maintenance. We use and distribute Ritec International's wide range of specialist products and equipment. Much attention is paid to the correct usage of these products and equipment. To that end, Ritec Services provide comprehensive training, both on-site or in our Application Centre in Raamsdonskveer. We also provide commercial training for companies that use and / or resell Ritec products, such as glass processing companies, window cleaners and surface renovation companies. We are ready to provide technical and marketing support when required.

In addition to our training facilities, Ritec International have an Online Training & Support Centre in London.

Ritec International's Online Training & Support Centre, UK

As part of its continuing dedication to high performance, customer support and Health & Safety in the workplace, Ritec International has developed an innovative purpose-built training facility at its head-office in London.

Ritec aims to...

  • offer quality and prompt global support

  • make training & technical support simple and time efficient

  • ensure maximum quality and Health & Safety

This new facility is fully equipped with the latest technology to offer high quality live support.

What will you achieve?

You will build up the necessary knowledge of the ClearShield Eco-System® including its products, equipment, accessories and application procedure to always...

  • maximise performance

  • minimise costs

  • optimise Health & Safety

... when converting ordinary glass into ClearShield Eco-Glass™ in your factory.

Who takes part?

Anyone requiring...

  • training for the conversion of ordinary glass into ClearShield Eco-Glass™ in their factory

  • refresher training to consolidate or update existing know-how

  • prompt technical support relating to spraying equipment, application procedure, quality control, Health & Safety

Where is it held?

Because it is online, you may take part wherever is the most practical for you. We recommend to gather your applicator(s) in the office where they can best take part in this interactive session.

Contact us if you would like to set up an online training or support session.

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