Cruiseship transformation

TUI Cruises’ extensive remodelling of the Mein Schiff now includes easy to clean, ClearShield Power Saving Glass courtesy of Ritec’s unique ClearShield glass surface protection system. For owners of cruise ships, this glass reduces by 50% on average:

Special ClearShield protected glass will then:

– reduce water usage for glass cleaning on the ship

– reduce crew time and cleaning products spent on cleaning glass

– maintain the glass sparkling and clear

– increase customer satisfaction, green and quality image

– increase safety through higher visibility in the bridge house

– resist pressure washing

It also means that glass corrosion from harsh sea salts and fume exhausts as well as general dirt and staining are all easier to remove thanks to the ‘non-stick’ surface. This results in improved visibility, pristine-looking glass and fewer passenger complaints. As the ship had been exposed to the harsh marine environment for 14 years, the glass was heavily stained and corroded, reducing visibility, safety and passenger satisfaction.

Previously known as the Galaxy and in service with Celebrity Cruises since 1996, the Mein Schiff has undergone major refurbishment of cabins and on board facilities. Attempting to maintain unprotected glass to get it as good as new generates high-energy requirements for manpower and operation and maintenance of access equipment. It also creates higher consumption of water and cleaning chemicals. Despite best efforts and the amount of time and money spent, satisfactory results still cannot be guaranteed. Therefore instead of carrying out the glass renovation themselves, the crew realised it would be more cost-effective – and better results gained – by calling in Ritec Marine Services, specialists in glass renovation, protection and maintenance for cruise ships and superyachts.

Around 1,800m2 of interior and exterior glass was renovated and converted to ClearShield Power Saving Glass including cabin windows, balcony doors and on the bridge. Ritec’s experienced team was able to complete the work in stages during scheduled stops on one of the ship’s round-trip cruises to France, Spain and Italy.

Today, glass onboard the Mein Schiff now requires less frequent cleaning, bringing environmental benefits plus cost and energy savings. ClearShield Power Saving Glass ensures long term protection against future staining and corrosion from contaminants such as engine exhaust, as well as weathering, general dirt and finger marks.

The Staff Captain of the Mein Schiff Jan G. Rautawaara speaks highly of the ClearShield System: “We are impressed. Ritec Marine Services removed all the existing contamination from the glass so it looked as good as new and then protected it with ClearShield, converting it to Power Saving Glass. Proper maintenance is equally essential to keep the windows in a good shape. The glass is now easier to clean, saving us precious water, manpower and time, so lives up to its name! The glass is also easier to see out of, benefiting both passengers and crew.”

With over 25 years of experience, Ritec’s ClearShield is a tried and tested system for protecting new and existing marine glass, from cruise ships to ferries and super yachts. It provides ship owners with a complete solution in terms of reduced maintenance, improved safety and passenger comfort.

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